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Family Law

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Relationship Changes? Keep in Mind the Legal Considerations

Maybe you’ve recently entered a new relationship, or perhaps it’s time to move on from an existing relationship, or simply make some changes for the benefit of yourself, your children, and your partner. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to consider the legal implications that relationship changes can have on the following:

  • Your Children
  • Your Assets
  • Your Debts
  • Your Future Financial Obligations (i.e., child support and alimony)
  • Your Living Arrangements
  • Your House and Your Pets

While personal life events like separation, divorce, cohabitation, and marriage are often for the best, they can also be fraught with change, emotional toll, and financial risk. Competing interests can make these life-altering events challenging on a personal level, which is why we believe in keeping the legal aspects of relationship changes as straightforward as possible.

A Collaborative, Solutions-Based Approach to Separation and Divorce

When lawyers take too adversarial an approach to Family Law, your legal bill can add up in a hurry, and the emotional toll that often accompanies divorce and separation can be greatly increased. ZED Legal takes a collaborative, solutions-based approach to separation and divorce so that you can move on with your life in a timely, cost-effective manner that minimizes hassle and stress on you, your children, and even your former spouse or partner.

Uncontested family law doesn’t, however, mean that your rights are unimportant. We believe in getting the very best results possible for our clients while keeping them out of the courtroom—once a divorce becomes contested in court it may take several years and tens of thousands of dollars to resolve itself. We aren’t naïve to the fact that circumstance sometimes dictates that certain issues need to be settled in a courtroom—if you find yourself in that situation after we’ve exhausted your collaborative options, we will refer you to a trusted family law litigator.

Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing for Uncontested Family Law Matters

Whether you’re looking for a Divorce, Cohabitation Agreement, or Separation Agreement, you can be assured up-front of the legal fees that you’ll pay, thanks to our competitive flat-rate pricing for uncontested family law matters.

We also offer you independent legal advice on agreements drafted by opposing legal counsel, at an affordable rate, so that you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Reach Out

If you’ve recently separated, or if you’re planning on moving into a shared residence with your partner or spouse, contact us today—we’re happy to advise you of the legal implications of your circumstances, and help you reach an affordable, timely solution to your family law needs.