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Our Mission

Law can be overly complex, lawyers can be unapproachable, and costs can make accessing legal services nearly impossible. At ZED Legal, we take a modern approach to providing legal services. Your lawyer is just a phone call or an email away, you’ll know what you’re paying before we start working on your file, and we strive to offer seamless processes and friendly service.

We believe that legal services should be:


While we don’t work for free, we’re not out to nickel-and-dime you either. You should know exactly how much our services will cost before we start working on your file. Plus, we offer flat-rate legal fees for most services, so you’re not paying an hourly rate every time you pick up the phone or send us an email! We also offer Seniors’ Discounts year-round, and promotional fee discounts from time-to-time through our Facebook and Instagram platforms. 


Accessibility is an encompassing term. We aim to be accessible to clients through:

  • Our competitive, flat-rate legal fees
  • Our office space, which offers elevator access
  • By attending your residence if you’re unable to visit our office in person
  • By returning client phone calls and emails in a timely matter
  • You’ll get to speak to a lawyer about your matter—we don’t consider any file ‘too small’ for our lawyers to work on


At the end of the day, you’ve hired us to do a good job—to handle your matter expertly, conscientiously, and with diligence. Each legal matter, even transactional ones, can have a life changing impact, which is why we are committed to handling each client file with care and expertise. 


Whether you’re speaking with a receptionist, paralegal, or lawyer, our people strive to treat each client with kindness, dignity, and respect. Without our clients, we wouldn’t exist! We recognize that behind every file is a person with unique individual circumstances and needs. We treat each client with that in mind.