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Real Estate Fees

Home Value (Purchase/Sale Price) Purchase Sale Refinance (Fee Based on New Mortgage Amount)
$0 - $99K $1,095 $695 $945
$100K - $199K $1,145 $745 $995
$200K - $299K $1,295 $795 $1,045
$300K - $399K $1,395 $845 $1,095
$400K - $499K $1,495 $895 $1,145
$500K - $599K $1,595 $945 $1,195
$600K - $699K $1,695 $995 $1,245
$700K - $799K $1,795 $1,045 $1,295
$800K - $899K $1,895 $1,095 $1,345
$900K - $999K $1,995 $1,145 $1,395
$1M - $1.5M $2,195 $1,195 $1,495
$1.5M + Please Contact Us For a Same-Day, No-Obligation Quote

About our Flat Rate Real Estate Fees

Disbursements. Those pesky costs that Real Estate Lawyers don’t like to talk about. At ZED Legal, our flat rate real estate legal fees are ‘all in’*. This means that all standard disbursements and legal fees are included in our flat rate cost structure. If you’re calling law firms in Calgary for a quote on real estate legal fees, ensure that you’re getting an ‘all in’ number. If a firm’s legal fees seem too good to be true, ask about disbursements, as oftentimes when it comes to real estate transactions, disbursements exceed the actual legal fees, meaning that you could end up paying more than double what you’ve been quoted. The Alberta Land Titles Office registration fee is by far the largest disbursement incurred on a typical real estate deal, and is included in our flat-rate real estate legal fees above. Call us about your real estate transaction today. We’d love to hear from you!

What Our Flat Rate Real Estate Fees Include

You’ll typically meet with our experienced Alberta real estate lawyer for 1 hour to sign the paperwork for your real estate transaction, however, so much more goes into each transaction ‘behind-the-scenes’. We conduct due diligence, such as title, tax, and other searches so you’re better assured you’ll have good title to your home. We prepare and send requisite documents to the lawyers on the other side of your transaction, and we address unforeseen legal issues that arise on closing day or leading up to possession. If you’d like to learn more about the legal processes behind a typical Alberta real estate transaction, call us—we’re happy to talk real estate law with you!



*’All in means’ that all standard disbursements, such as registration costs for the transfer of land and first mortgage, title and tax searches, courier charges, and standard office costs are included. However, additional fees may apply for unique circumstances, including, where you require us to payout more than 2 mortgages registered against title, order a condominium certificate of estoppel, obtain title insurance, or prepare or otherwise deal with encroachment agreements, relaxation permits, or an updated RPR with compliance.