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Probate & Estate Administration Fees

Total Value of All Estate Assets Grant of Probate (Deceased Left a Valid Will) Grant of Administration (Deceased Did Not Leave a Valid Will)
$0 – $249K $2,695 $2,895
$250K – $499K $3,695 $3,895
$500K – $749K $4,695 $4,895
$750K – $999K $5,695 $5,895
$1M – $1.99M $6,695 $6,895
$2M – $2.99M $7,695 $7,895
$3M – $3.99M $8,695 $8,895
$4M – $4.99M $9,695 $9,895
$5M + Please Contact Us For a Quote—Our Fee Will Vary Based on the Complexity of the Estate

About our Flat Rate Probate & Estate Administration Fees

We are pleased to announce that for 2024 we have lowered our probate fees at almost all estate valuation levels for the 2nd year running! With the cost of nearly everything else going up, your inheritance shouldn’t be eaten up by legal fees!  Did you know that most Alberta law firms charge a base fee of $1,500 – $2,500+ for probate legal services AND collect 1-2% percent of the deceased’s total estate asset value in legal fees? 

ZED Legal recognizes that most people spend a lifetime of hard work accumulating their estate assets, and that 1-2% of an estate can represent an entire year or more of a deceased person’s working life! Nevertheless, probate can be a complicated legal process that calls for an estate lawyer’s expertise. 

We believe that our flat rate Probate & Estate Administration fees are fair to our clients, while reflecting our probate lawyer’s hands-on involvement in the estate administration process. Our Flat Rate Probate & Estate Administration Fees include all standard office disbursements*, so that you can budget for the flat rate fee above, together with the standard Alberta Government Fee for court filing, which runs $135 – $525, depending on the estate’s value.

What our Flat Rate Probate & Estate Administration Fees include:

As the Estate’s Executor, or Personal Representative, you are legally responsible for the timely administration of the deceased’s estate. As your experienced probate lawyers, our job is to apply for a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Administration on your behalf, and to advise you of your legal obligations to the estate and its beneficiaries. 

Our flat rate probate legal fees include one or more initial consultations with an experienced Calgary Probate Lawyer, lawyer preparation of the Grant application, submission of the Grant application to the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, any resubmission of the application for corrections where necessary, and preparation of one set of releases to be signed by estate beneficiaries. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have throughout the probate process by telephone, email, or face-to-face meeting.



*Please note that “standard office disbursements” such as court runner’s fees, administrative fees, office supplies, local and long-distance telephone calls, facsimiles, regular mail postage costs, and software expenses are all included in our flat rate legal fees, above. However, Alberta probate rules may require that estate beneficiaries and other parties be served with documents via registered mail. Any such 3rd-party registered mail costs charged by Canada Post or another courier service are not included in our flat rate probate legal fees above. Similarly, any Land Titles Office Search Fees, the Alberta Government Court Filing Fee, and applicable GST are not included in our flat rate probate fees above.