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Employment Law Fees

Leaving a Job?
Severance Package Review & Written Legal Opinion Letter $545
Demand Letter to Employer & Severance Negotiations $545 + 19% of any Severance Monies Obtained for our Client in Excess of their Former Employer’s Initial Severance Offer
Considering a New Job?
Lawyer Review of Employment Contract & 30 Minute Consultation with Employment Lawyer $365
In-Depth Lawyer Review of Employment Contract & Detailed Written Legal Opinion Letter $625

About our Flat Rate Employment Law Fees:

If your employment has been terminated, with or without cause, it’s imperative that you meet with an Alberta employment lawyer to discuss your options. Even if it seems as though your employer is providing a reasonable severance offer, it may still be less than you’re entitled to under the Employment Standards Code, and/or at Common Law. 

We believe that our flat rate employment law fees allow you to meet with an employment lawyer to discuss your options, at a reasonable cost that you can be certain of up front. There may be limitation periods that affect your rights, so be sure to call a Calgary employment lawyer as soon as possible if you’ve recently been terminated, or are considering a career change!

What Our Flat Employment Law Fees Include:

If your employment has been terminated, we’ll begin by reviewing your employer’s severance offer. We’ll then prepare a detailed written legal opinion letter on your severance offer, outlining what we believe you’re entitled to, and our recommended next steps. We’ll also answer any questions that you’ve provided us with, in our letter. If we believe that you’re entitled to severance monies or concessions in excess of what your employer has offered, we’ll typically recommend that you instruct us to proceed with severance negotiations on your behalf. 

Whether you’re considering employment with a new organization, or taking on a new role within the same company, we have two options. For clients with budget constraints, we offer a brief lawyer review of your employment agreement, and discussion of any major red flags during a 30-minute face-to-face appointment with an employment lawyer. For clients who require a more in-depth legal review of their prospective employment contract, we offer a thorough lawyer review of your employment agreement, and a detailed, several page legal opinion letter on the same.