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Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths and Signing Agent

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What’s the Difference? Notary Public vs. Commissioner for Oaths

You may have an affidavit, oath, legal document, or other formal documentation that needs commissioning or notarization. It’s not always easy to determine whether you need a Notary Public or a Commissioner for Oaths. Typically, when you’re swearing or solemnly affirming an oath, affidavit, or the contents of a document within Alberta, a Commissioner for Oaths can sign and stamp your document.

A Notary Public, however, is typically required for out-of-province documents. For example, if you were to swear an affidavit in Alberta as part of a real estate transaction that you were completing in Manitoba, you would have to sign said affidavit before a Notary Public. Similarly, if you were required to provide a Certified True Copy of a document, such as a passport, to a government agency or another official body, a Notary Public would need to affix their seal to a copy of the document to render it a ‘Certified True Copy’ of your actual passport.

Who is Entitled to Act as a Commissioner for Oaths, and who can Serve as a Notary Public?

Generally speaking, an individual who successfully completes their Commissioner for Oaths test in Alberta is able to serve as a Commissioner for Oaths for a 2-year period before having to renew their commission. A Commissioner for Oaths can often be found at a lawyer’s office (all Alberta lawyers in good standing are also Commissioners for Oaths), financial institutions, and registry offices.

In Alberta, legislation dictates that all judges and lawyers are also Notaries Public by virtue of their status or office.

Whether You Need a Document Commissioned or Notarized, We’re Here to Help with Prompt, Affordable Same-Day Service

Whether you’re looking for a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public, we are here to assist you promptly and at a reasonable rate. We understand that important documentation may require a Notary Public or a Commissioner for Oaths and that waiting several days for an appointment could cause you unfavorable delays. That’s why, if you call us before noon on a business day, usually we can meet with you to commission or notarize your documents on the same day!

We also understand that getting documents commissioned or notarized should be affordable. We’re pleased to offer a discounted rate for multiple notarizations during the same appointment!

We’re Your Alberta Signing Agent.

If you’re completing an out-of-province real estate transaction and you need to sign in front of an Alberta lawyer or Notary Public, we’re happy to help. We’re experienced Alberta signing agents, and we’ll notarize your out-of-province real estate documents or provide independent legal advice on a personal guarantee that you may require for your business or loan, at an up-front, reasonable flat-rate fee.

Come See Us Today.

Whether you need a Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, or Alberta Signing Agent, call us today, our Calgary Notary is happy to assist you!