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We’ll Come to You!

Are you… 

  • Physically unable to attend our office?
  • Unable to drive?
  • Health issues keeping you home?
  • Living on the other side of Calgary?
  • Elderly or facing mobility challenges?
  • In long term care, hospital, or hospice?

If so, we offer home visits for Real Estate Law, Wills & Estate Planning, and Probate Law matters. We’ll come to you for a Wills Consultation, Wills Signing, Real Estate Signing, or Probate Consultation, wherever you’re located within Calgary’s city limits, at no extra charge to you!

Zach, our experienced Wills & Estates lawyer, has met with many clients in hospital, hospice, age care, and at home in Calgary over the past few years, and considers it an honour to meet with clients who are unable to attend his office, at their home or residence. 

If you have a Family Law, Employment Law, or Other Legal Matter, we ask that you choose one of our virtual appointment options if you’re unable to attend our office in person. Alternatively, we will also attend your home for a Family Law, Employment Law, or Other Legal Matter, however, in such cases, a travel fee of $75 + GST per visit will apply to cover travel time and fuel expense.