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Family Law Fees

Changes to an Existing Relationship?
Without Children With Children
Separation Agreement* $1,995 $2,295
Uncontested Divorce** $1,495 $1,995
Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on Separation Agreement $545 $645
Starting a New Relationship?
Without Children With Children
Cohabitation Agreement $1,995 $2,195
Prenuptial Agreement $1,995 $2,195
Postnuptial Agreement $1,995 $2,195
Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on Cohabitation Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, or Postnuptial Agreement $545 $645

About our Flat Rate Family Law Fees

Relationship changes can be stressful. We understand that our clients want certainty when it comes to their Family Law legal fees. That’s why we offer flat-rate fees for uncontested family law matters. Our transparent fee structure allows you to budget for the legal costs of separation, divorce, or cohabitation, without having to worry that you’ll be billed each time you send us an email or pick up the phone to call us.

What our Flat Rate Family Law Fees Include

Our flat rate Family Law fees typically include a 1-hour consultation with a Calgary Family Law lawyer, preparation of your Agreement or Divorce, provision of legal advice regarding the same, and up to 2 hours of negotiation with the opposing party or their legal counsel. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.


*Includes up to 2 hours of negotiations with opposing party/counsel. Additional charges may apply for lengthier negotiations with opposing party/counsel.
**Plus, Alberta Government Court Filing Fee of $260.00.