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Virtual Appointment Options

In an increasingly technologically advanced world, we believe that it’s important to offer clients virtual appointment options. While some matters do require face-to-face signing, many of our legal services can be rendered virtually, which is why we make the following options available to our clients:


All consultations can take place virtually should you so wish. We offer the following options to our clients:

  • Telephone Consultation
  • Zoom Consultation
  • Skype Consultation
  • Email Correspondence for Procedural Aspects of your Matter

Signing Appointments

While some signings must take place face-to-face due to professional regulations and provincial law, many of our signings can take place virtually, via videoconference, using a platform such as Zoom or Skype. If you’re interested in signing virtually, just ask—we’ll do our utmost to make it work!


We’re pleased to offer electronic payment options via email link and QR code—this means that you can pay your legal bill with minimal hassle, and without having to touch a point-of-sale terminal that other customers have used.