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Clients in Hospital/Long Term Care

If you’re in the hospital or long-term care, and unable to attend our office, we may still be able to assist you, virtually, or by meeting with you at your residence or hospital.

While COVID-19 pandemic restrictions may limit our ability to offer visitation services to clients, as rules and regulations evolve, we are willing to meet with clients in the hospital or at a long-term care facility to discuss and sign their Wills, Estate Matters, and Real Estate Transactions. Our ability to offer this service depends on the rules and regulations put in place not only by the Province, AHS, and other levels of government, but also the rules and regulations of each individual facility, as well as the comfort level of our staff attending such facilities during times of outbreak. 

If you require assistance with a legal matter and are in the hospital or long-term care, please reach out to us. Even if we’re unable to meet with you where you are, we may be able to meet your legal needs through a virtual platform.